I. Introduction
Hardware: Multifunction Yuanda Electric Company is a smart high-tech research and development of new leakage protection, which is a set of intelligent leakage relays, earth leakage circuit breaker functions in one multi-function integrated leakage protection, for three-phase four-wire neutral point directly grounded low-voltage grid, is used to provide personal shock hazard protection indirect contact, you can also ground fault line or electrical equipment, over-current, short circuit, undervoltage, lack of equal protection. This product complies with GB14048.2, GB / T22387-2008, JB8756-98 standards.
Software: CPU use PICMicrochip devices, this machine has the following job characteristics:
1. Wide operating voltage range, when the voltage fluctuation range is large, CPU can work.
2. CPU comes with A / D converter module. The control program can be effectively implemented, after runaway disturbance has a strong self-correcting capabilities to ensure that the program is reset to the normal operating range.
3. PIC microcontroller instruction set of the CPU is a single byte, the possibility of the program "run off" than the two-byte instruction has to be small.
4. Small size, power supply circuit is simple, to achieve a further appearance of the product, and practical.
5. In terms of software all-digital processing systems, analog design is reduced due to construction brought malfunction. In terms of digital control it needs time and more accurate and reliable. Leakage setpoint wide range can be adjusted selectively greater.
6. It has 485 remote communications and control functions.
Second, the product features
    2.1 can automatically distinguish mutations slowly varying leakage and leakage. Using phase amplitude technology, eliminating the mutation too sensitive or insensitive action phase. In the case of the three-phase unbalanced leakage, leakage action each mutation relative value consistency.
    2.2 set phase amplitude leakage relays, earth leakage circuit breaker as a whole. Reducing the installation location, simplifying the wiring.
    2.3 not only has the leakage, undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, phase protection functions, but also has the characteristics of intelligent leakage protection. On the adjustment switch easily can adjust the rated current mutation gentle movements alternating current values, you can set different mutations gentle alternating current action value. They can also show the A-phase, B-phase, C-phase leakage current value.
    2.4 boot can detect the current work status of the product, if the power outage in the sub-gate status, power transmission products will be automatically re-close the switch, without having to manually switch on.
    2.5 can be freely adjusted break time, to meet the primary and secondary protection requirements.
    2.6 Opportunities to subscriber line leakage current exceeds the setting value can be forced out of the leakage current protection, under-voltage pulse and have the same function. But not recommended. Only as an emergency temporary use. (Specify see panel leakage function adjustment table)
Panel Features Figure 2.7 below
1, N, A, B, C input terminal 2, N, A, B, C output terminal 3, leakage indicator 4, LED meter indicates 5, undervoltage / phase indicator 6, power indicator 7, A-phase test button 8, B-phase test button 9, C-phase test button 10, overrun test button 11, the sub-gate button 12, a reset button 13, opening the indicator 14, DIP adjustment switch
Third, the product type, shape and installation dimensions

Fourth, the technical parameters
1. Rated voltage, frequency 380V / 220V three phase four wire
2. Rated auxiliary voltage 220V line side left with N, 1 then A phase
3. Rated current 100A, 160A, 200A, 250A, 400A, 630A
4. The rated conditional short-circuit breaking capacity 10kA 20kA
5. mutation rated operating current 50mA, 75mA, 100mA
6. mutation not rated operating current 25mA, 38mA, 50mA
7. Slow changes for rated current 300mA, 500mA, 800mA
8. Rated slowly varying non-operating current 150mA, 250mA, 400mA
9. Maximum breaking time ≤0.2S, ≤0.5S
10. reclosing time delay 20s ~ 60s
11. The operating characteristics of the AC-type classification
12. Ambient temperature -40 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃
Fifth, power transmission test and Functions
   5.0, must be checked before the test leakage protection is in the off state, be sure to check before all power transmission and correct the connection lines.
   5.1, users select the appropriate wire according to the load, leakage protection on the main power line terminals of the circuit, an end to the outlet end. Power line side must be connected to N above the zero line, power line side N-phase or phase A unplugged, protectors do not work properly.
5.2 products in the factory are commissioning closing state, power transmission directly after power. If the sub-gate status, the product automatically switch on after power, no manual closing.
5.3, press the test button A, B, C, overrun any one test button protectors are tripped, after over 20 ~ 60S corresponding automatic switch. And show the A, B, C. Overrun display C or E. Power and opening instructions points lit.
5.4, ​​when the leakage current exceeds the rating, the protector will automatically detect three times and rapid display of three 'H', confirm that the leakage will trip and lock, and the permanent display of 'H', the power, the sub-gate and a drain respectively lighting instructions. The need to manually in order to unlock the power transmission. If in the absence of slow change and mutation protection, the protection does not jump protection, only the current leakage current, when the leakage of more than '999' after the protective display 'H' former refers to the current leakage current has exceeded the LED display range, leakage Current down and then automatically displays the current value of leakage current. Instructions on the panel only power the green light.
5.5, this protection in the case of single-phase voltage is lower than 145V, the product can not be put into operation. And the LED display 'L', the power, the sub-gate and voltage indicator lights. When the power is restored to normal, the protector automatic full brake power transmission. No manual for any further co-operation.
5.6, according to the sub-gate security can open the main power button, and display 'OFF'. To resume normal press the reset button. Batch opening and power display lights. (Click to disconnect a user can not send electrical key)
5.7, leakage protection leakage ammeter digital display, the user should pay attention to the leakage current changing circumstances. If the current is large or abnormal changes, the user can take preventive measures. DIP switches can be adjusted, transferred to the appropriate location, and you can exit the slow transformation and mutation protection. Show only current leakage current circumstances, after a good overhaul adjust over.
5.8, overcurrent and short circuit protection trip, opening and power indicator light, no reclosing, you need to manually switch on power transmission press the reset button or re-switching power supply.
5.9, in order to understand the current situation of each phase of the leakage current can be introduced on the panel, respectively, can be seen that the leakage current of each phase of the current situation. Recommended only as a status review of each phase with leakage, check after the current applications should be immediately returned.
VI Notes
 6.1 The protection between phase and phase to be protected line, electric shock phase line and the zero line between not protect.
 6.2, N line can not be wrong then and fumbled, A relative had received or missed.
 Under 6.3, the protector ground or over the side line of non-wiring protection, non-contact with the other side of the line and the protection line.
 6.4, the protector of the input terminals N, A for the protection of their own auxiliary power supply can not be missed.
 6.5, when the protector of normal use, the requirement should be JB8756 month trial operation of the test button.
 6.6 application wiring copper fittings, not aluminum joints.